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The Kalamunda Club offers members the unique opportunity to play snooker.

The Snooker room has two Alcock 12-foot slate tables in mint condition just recently fully refurbished with sets of balls to play snooker, billiards, and pool.

The Snooker room is open whenever the Club is open.

The table lights cost just $4 per hour to play. Social snooker doubles and singles can be played any time we are open.

The room is a friendly and relaxing part of the Club, so come and enjoy a game.

Monday & Tuesday Evenings

Most weeks the tables are available for quite practice.

Wednesday Evenings

This is the evening to come down and meet social players. We have a mix of talent on display (beginners to advance). Just turn up and enjoy the fun.

With the Kitchen open many also enjoy a meal + game of snooker

Thursday & Friday Evenings

Tables are available for all to enjoy.

On Friday evenings many also enjoy a meal

For more information (or to receive emails on Club snooker) please contact:

Alan Norris email: asirron@gmail.com

Mobile: 0427257122